Indexed Tuition

A critical component to our Christ-centered and classical mission is to make a Stonehaven education financially accessible to as many families in our community as possible. Jesus commands his people to, "Let the little children come to me" (Matthew 19:14). In an effort to make it possible for like-minded Christian families of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to attend Stonehaven, we offer the following range of tuitions based on family need.

Tuition Range for 2017-2018

Kindergarten 1/2 Day $2,100 - $5,900
Kindergarten $2,800 - $8,000
1st Grade - 5th Grade $3,300 - $9,400
6th Grade - 8th Grade $3,400 - $9,800


  • There is a $150 application fee and $50 for each additional application submitted at the same time, due with the admissions application. All application fees are non-refundable.
  • There is a $100 classroom activity fee per family (collected with tuition). This fee covers the cost of the various classroom activities throughout the year.

Girl LookingStonehaven desires that every family in the school community contribute to the operating expenses of the school. In an effort to assess a family's ability to afford a Stonehaven education, the school uses FACTS as an objective and independent third party. FACTS provides a tuition recommendation to the school. To maintain the integrity of the indexed tuition process, Stonehaven will not offer a tuition lower than that recommended by FACTS.

In order to find the appropriate tuition amount, we must assess the financial strength of each family. To do this, many factors are considered including income, assets, number of dependents, and number of children attending schools that charge tuition. The process will also include discretionary spending including but not limited to: medical expenses, consumer debt, automobiles, second homes, and vacation expenses.

Indexed Tuition Process

If a prospective family desires to attend Stonehaven and is unable to pay full tuition we ask them to go through the following indexed tuition process.

  1. Prospective family completes an indexed tuition application. Click the link below to begin the process.

  2. Stonehaven's Indexed Tuition Committee determines a tuition decision based on the independent third party FACTS recommendation.

It is important to note that even though decisions about admission and indexed tuition are made at the same time, the two processes are separate. Stonehaven engages in a thorough admissions process to determine if a family and child are a good fit for our unique and distinctive school community. An indexed tuition decision will be determined after the school has confirmed that Stonehaven is the right school for the students applying for admission. The financial information provided in the indexed tuition application is held in strict confidence and is NOT shared with anyone outside the Indexed Tuition Committee.

Indexed Tuition Application Deadline
March 2
  • After March 2 - Indexed tuition applications submitted after the priority deadline will be considered as funds are available.
  • Stonehaven is unable to accept indexed tuition applications for students applying for admission in the middle of the school year.

Parents Say...

I love that my kids are taught to love and honor God, appreciate all aspects of His creation, respect others and work hard."