Stonehaven Curriculum

The scope and sequence to Stonehaven's curriculum follows a distinct classical Christian model. The primary goals to this curriculum design include integration of disciplines, a liberal arts focus, and alignment with the developmental phases of the Trivium.


Scope & Sequence

Classroom Snapshots

Snap KKindergarten - Stonehaven Kindergarteners spend this formative time in a loving and safe environment full of work, scripture, poetry, and grace...


Kindergarten Classroom Snapshot

Snap 1First Grade - Students not only move upstairs in the building, but they move up in freedom and expectations. First graders are expected to manage their space, their time, and their work more independently...


First Grade Classroom Snapshot

Snap 2Second Grade - Second graders enter the academic year requiring lots of affirmation and support, but as the year progresses, they become more independent. They become self-sufficient and confident in their abilities...


Second Grade Classroom Snapshot

Snap 3Third Grade - Tackling new and demanding tasks, third graders begin to learn self-direction, accountability, and organization skills. Mrs. Grote shepherds their progress and confidence as they articulate their thoughts independently...


Third Grade Classroom Snapshot

Snap 4Fourth Grade - To hone and develop analytical skills, Stonehaven fourth graders have "circle time" discussion groups to go beyond the obvious pronouncements toward shrewd judgments and predictions...


Fourth Grade Classroom Snapshot

Snap 5Fifth Grade - The full scope of a classical education comes into view in fifth grade. Fifth graders excel at memorization, the central tool of the grammar stage...


Fifth Grade Classroom Snapshot

Snap 6Sixth Grade - The seeds of maturity are growing in the minds and more importantly in the hearts of sixth grade students. They are yearning to grow up, to be understood, and to express their unique opinions...


Sixth Grade Classroom Snapshot

Snap 7Seventh Grade - Building on foundations laid in the lower grades, Stonehaven's seventh grade students begin the process of moving from concrete to abstract thinking...


Seventh Grade Classroom Snapshot

Snap 8Eighth Grade - A child's faculty to reason and use logic reign supreme for students in eighth grade. They yearn to craft an argument in support of their ideas and thoughts...


Eighth Grade Classroom Snapshot

Parents Say...

Great teachers! They are enthusiastic about teaching. They are concerned about training not only the minds, but the hearts of our children."