Bringing dead languages back to life.

boy with latinLatin instruction is a core element in the classical school curriculum, and for good reason. Not only does it help increase cognition and improve understanding of other languages (including English), it is also the mode by which we understand the classics. The ultimate goal of Stonehaven's Latin program is to equip students to read these classics in their original language. Imagine being able to read Virgil's Aeneid or Homer's Iliad in the original Latin! Or reading Julius Caesar's own words in The Conquest of Gaul.

Unfortunately, Latin instruction has earned an intimidating reputation over the years. When people think of learning Latin, they think of memorizing endless charts of declensions and verb conjugations. At Stonehaven, however, we move beyond vocabulary lists and declension charts. If you were to visit one of our Latin classes, you would see both teacher and students speaking Latin and engaged in a relaxed and fun learning experience.

Our language teachers, must be more than lecturers. If we want our Latin students to make progress in the language not only must we be communicating with them in Latin in comprehensible ways, but we must find ways to do that which are interesting, reassuring, and non-stressful." -Robert Patrick, PhD, Latin and Classics

At Stonehaven, we teach vocabulary and grammar in the context of exciting and fun Latin stories. We use a systematic approach that introduces Latin concepts slowly and constantly builds, reinforces and encourages students to use the language themselves, both orally and in written form. Our students engage in the language and find themselves reading Latin without the hinderance of translation. Ultimately, we want our students to think in Latin!

At Stonehaven, we seek to bring life - not only to the Latin language - but also to the Latin classroom. Come visit us, and see the Latin language come alive in the minds of our students!

Parents Say...

We are receiving great communication from our teacher. We enjoy all the parent involvement."