• Faculty

    Teachers at Stonehaven work through a certification program designed specifically to equip them to be an excellent classical Christian educator. Learn more.

  • Mrs. Keesee

    Laura Keesee

    Laura Keesee earned a B.S. in Psychology from King College in Bristol, Tennessee, a Master of Education in Community Counseling from Georgia State University, and a Certificate of Completion from Psychological Studies Institute in Atlanta. Laura is excited to begin her 20th year teaching Kindergarten. She is thankful for Stonehaven where she is privileged to partner with parents in the nurture and godly training of their children. In addition to teaching at Stonehaven, Laura has enjoyed opportunities to teach English and/or lead Bible studies in Japan, India, and Albania. She and her husband Scott have been married for 31 years and are the parents of three adult children. Scott and Laura are active members at Midway Presbyterian Church (PCA). When not teaching or spending time with her family, she enjoys knitting, crocheting, and reading the works of great theologians as well as historical fiction and mysteries.
  • Parent Survey - December, 2017

    "Mrs. Keesee LOVES the children! She is intentional with each student in their academic growth but also in developing a Christ-like character. She addresses conflict, bad attitudes, etc, simply and with scripture."

    "Mrs. Keesee is very loving, patient and kind. She is always encouraging my daughter to do her best."

    "Her attention to detail and knowing every child. I know our child feels loved by her, and she shares the same goals we do at home when it comes to developing their virtues."

    "I appreciate Mrs. Keesee's ability to give dignity to each child as an individual. I also appreciate her teaching style - calm and direct - with a focus on character formation over behavior modification."

    "She is patient with my son... and redirects him when he gets lost or unfocused."

    "The way she constantly uses scripture to point the children in the right direction and how she helps the students think critically about decisions they make."

    "Her love of the Lord and how she cares for each child in the class - she is incredibly patient and gifted at nurturing the hearts of children of this age."

    Parent Survey - November 2016

    "Mrs. Keesee is so wonderful with the kids while also being the authority. She makes learning fun and weaves lessons into each activity. I'm truly amazed when I watch her with the kids."

    "Calming influence, very kind yet has high expectations. Heavy influence on grace and heart behind behavior/action."

    "Her willingness to see my child where she is at. She helps her at her level as much as she can."

    "She genuinely seems to love the children and has a strong desire to shape their hearts and show them God's love. Endless patience."

    "Even on the days that my child might have a hard time, she almost always adds something he did well that day, too (on the communication sheet). I really appreciate that encouragement."

    "Her clear communication and attention to detail regarding the child's heart."

    "Her sweet way to discipline the kids, with love and respect."

    Parent Survey - November 2015

    "She is clear and kind. She lets them know the consequences of actions, and follows through. She gives us good feedback on the communication sheet and seeks me out if something specific happened, like a minor injury."

    "I love the direction received in the class spiritually and academically. Mrs. Keesee has a nice balance when correcting students. She helps foster a love for learning and one another."

    "Her gentleness, encouragement and her strong communication with parents!"

    "She loves the children and takes time to know each one individually while maintaining obedience of the group. She communicates to us as parents any areas of improvement as well as any areas that need work."


    "Patient with children, joyful in her role, uses every moment to teach!"

  • Mrs. Barbulescu

    Christina Barbulescu
    1st Grade

    Christina Barbulescu graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has been teaching for sixteen years. Christina loves helping students as they take their first steps in school. She and husband, Horatiu, have two children at Stonehaven, and continually see how the education of Stonehaven benefits their entire family. The Barbulescus are members of First Baptist Church of Atlanta, where Christina has served, teaching VBS, Sunday School, and ESL at different times. Christina enjoys traveling with her sketchbook. Her family loves making trips to Romania to visit family. The Barbulescus enjoy living in the Vinings area of Atlanta.
  • Parent Survey - December, 2017

    "Responsive for parents, insightful comments about child's day on communication sheet."

    "Her genuine love for the families in her class."

    "She strives to get to know and understand each student."

    "I like that she is so involved with the class as she teaches- I love that she does the dances, jingles and songs with the class. I like that she's relaxed while still holding a high standard for the students."

    "Patience. Kindness. Gentleness. She's a real example of someone with the fruits of the spirit in them."

    "Her loving, gentle, way."

    Parent Survey - November 2016

    "She is gentle and kind. She encourages them in class and by notes on class work and homework."

    "Her thoughtfulness, kindness, and love for each child. She is a wonderful combination of grace AND truth. She wants every child to be the best they can be."

    "Kind and gentle spirit. Appears to be fair in handling conflict. Encourages my child in building her character and in areas struggles academically. Very good at communicating with parents."

    "Mrs. Barbulescu is loving, patient, kind, and a gifted teacher. We are so blessed to have her teaching our daughter."

    "Mrs. Barbulescu has a heart for not only teaching her students effectively in the core subjects, but also in molding their characters so they grow into men and women who love the Lord."

    "She cares to notice little characteristics in the kids and point it to a truth - good or bad. It helps me get a better glimpse into my child's heart. It's great to have another person's perspective and wisdom in raising these people in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."

    Parent Survey - November 2015

    "She has such a loving, kind and gentle spirit that fits perfectly with this age group. She is filled with grace and is wonderful with the class."

    "The grace she displays to students. She is so understanding. It is very obvious that she wants the student to excel and enjoy learning."

    "She loves her students!! She's been very encouraging and to my child, and has helped strengthen their character!"

    "I appreciate the rigor of the curriculum that Mrs. Barbelescu has set up for 1st grade. Student's are challenged and pushed to grow more and more every week."

    "That my child loves her teaching style and has told me that she is a great teacher."

    "Patience and kindness."

  • Mrs. St.Hill

    Donna St.Hill
    2nd Grade

    Donna earned her BA degree in Elementary Education from Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL. During her time at TIU, she was given the tools needed to fulfill her passion. The ministry that she was a part of as a youth sought to develop the gifts of each child and birthed in her the desire to become a teacher. She is married to Shaun and they have a daughter who is a student at Stonehaven. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and doing jigsaw puzzles.
  • Parent Survey - December, 2017

    "Mrs. St. Hill has high expectations and is consistent. She encourages a level of maturity and responsibility that is appropriate for 2nd graders. She balances those increasing expectations with still loving the kids and having fun with them at an appropriate age level as well."

    "I appreciate her patience with my child."

    "She has been a blessing to our daughter. She is patient and has given her extra attention when needed. She has a great teaching style that my daughter who has struggled, understands easily. Mrs. St. Hill also sends the weekly newsletter early to give us extra time on memory work and spelling."

    "She truly cares and appreciates my child."

    "She is firm and gracious and my child respects and loves her and is learning a lot this year."

    "She is so kind. She has a quiet spirited authority that amazes me. She is for her students. She is patient. She is not an over communicator with parents, but she is ALWAYS very available to help and assist when I've needed to ask her questions as I try to learn the Stonehaven ropes!"

    "Her gentle spirit and love for the Lord, and her willingness to set high expectations for the children she teaches and hold them accountable to those standards."

    Parent Survey - November 2016

    "She seems to truly understand that these are young children, so she operates in a lot of compassion and grace, having high expectations, but not too high."

    "Mrs. St.Hill has high expectations for her students, but she communicates them with love and grace. She gives my child a lot of individual attention and care. She is careful to make sure I'm aware of anything that may have affected my child during the day."

    "Donna has a very big heart for the children and I know she loves them very much. She also really wants to get parent feedback and she is a great listener. She is open and willing to change the schedule of the week when it seems overwhelming to the students which is greatly appreciated. I also like the fact that Donna has high expectations for the students at an age when it's time to be more responsible."

    "Mrs. St. Hill is very creative in her teaching and has a tender heart!"

    "Her ability to teach content in a way my child can grasp and enjoy learning."

    "Mrs. St. Hill does a great job communicating and is very committed to her role as an educator."

    Parent Survey - November 2015

    "Her poise, her sense of humor, the calm and direct way she runs her classroom."

    "I love her enthusiasm and careful attention to her students and her desire to to not just teach Biblical truths but help the students learn how to live them out."

    "She's not easy... Expects much from students and they deliver!"

  • Mrs. Grote

    Pam Grote
    3rd Grade

    Pam Grote graduated from Wheaton College with a B.A. in Modern Foreign Languages and obtained her teaching degree from Kean University. She taught in Christian schools in five states, beginning her career in NJ. After raising a family and homeschooling their four children, Pam returned to the classroom and has taught for 25 years at different grade levels. Believing passionately in the classical Christian model of education, she loves teaching at Stonehaven where truth, beauty, and goodness from God's Word are incorporated into classroom studies daily. She is the Special Days Coordinator and enthusiastically wears Cambridge Gold and a funny wig whenever she can. Pam and Rich, her husband of 37 years, are active members at Christ Community Church in Kennesaw. They love to read and discuss good books, travel, and spend time with their four children and soon-to-be eight grandchildren.
  • Parent Survey - December, 2017

    "I can't say enough about how much I appreciate Pam Grote. She is amazing. She is so responsive to parent requests, even after hours and on weekends. Thank you!!!!"

    "She is creative and interesting. She captures the attention and imagination of her students."

    "She's fun, sharp, amazingly wise, insightful, vigilant, and concerned with academic, spiritual, emotional, and spiritual growth. In short, she rocks!"

    "I appreciate her enthusiasm for teaching. She is amazing! I love that she loves my child and truly cares for their well being."

    "She genuinely cares for each child and works hard to instill a love for learning through a Christian lens."

    "The way in which she makes learning joyful and interesting. I also appreciate her patience. My child has enjoyed reading SO much this year."

    Parent Survey - November 2016

    "I appreciate her positive no-nonsense approach. I love that she prays for our children."

    "I truly feel Mrs. Grote loves my child like her own."

    "Sturdy and straight forward character."

    "She is FOR the kids. Her aim is to strengthen and empower them."

    "Thoughtfulness related to our child's unique needs. Willingness to talk when a.conversation is necessary."

    "She makes learning fun for the kids! She is patient and encouraging."

    Parent Survey - November 2015

    "I really appreciate how Mrs. Grote really show interest in our daughter's education. She is always there when we need to schedule a meeting. I thank God for caring teachers like her. Thank you so much! Tt means the world to us."

    "Her attitude which is both loving towards the kids but firm on their behavior. It makes the classroom experience both fun and appropriately disciplined."

    "She communicate well with the parent and is always available to talk when necessary. She cares deeply for our children. She knows the potential for our child and strives to help him achieve that high potential."

    "Mrs. Grote has really pushed my child this year, and she is helping her overcome her fears! She's a fun teacher! I can see how many of the third graders have matured this year!"

    "Has a Godly approach to how she handles her class."

    "Clear communication, how she makes learning FUN, kind, funny voices, pulls excellence out of her students, high standards, loved by her students and she is by far my favorite teacher to communicate with since starting Stonehaven four years ago. I cannot say enough how WONDERFUL she is to work with. My daughter LOVES her and LOVES learning from her each day! Mrs. Grote ROCKS!!!"

  • Ms. Keesee

    Lexi Keesee
    4th Grade

    Lexi graduated from Kennesaw State University with a dual degree in English and Education, magna cum laude, and holds certification through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Her love of traveling and experiencing new cultures has led her to many places around the globe, including a summer spent teaching ESL classes in Albania and a semester spent teaching 10th grade honors and regular English in Costa Rica. In addition to traveling, Lexi enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, playing sports (especially ultimate Frisbee!), and reading. In fact, you will rarely catch her without a book in tow. Lexi had the privilege of receiving a classical Christian education and is a 2007 alumnus of Stonehaven. She believes in the potential and power of the classical tradition and was thrilled to return to the Stonehaven family as a teacher in 2013. She especially enjoys the opportunity of working on staff with, in her opinion, the greatest kindergarten teacher of all time. In addition to teaching 4th grade, Lexi enjoys her role as coordinator of the school's annual Poetry Competition and head of Trinity House - go Gryphons!
  • Parent Survey - December, 2017

    "Personableness, accessibility, her willingness and ability to help with conflict among students."

    "She goes out of her way to tell parents about all the positive things their student is doing. She is very positive with the children, too."

    "Mastery of all things 4th grade from math to grammar to wagon building."

    "She makes our daughter feel special and appreciated and our daughter has communicated that she believed her teacher is proud of her!"

    "How she address individual issues and create positivity to that the child(ren) receive a positive outcome. My child has told stories of how Ms. Keesee handled a situation and given her tools on how to handle them in the future. I appreciate her understanding and getting to her students individual(personality, attitude, challenges)."

    "Lexi has surpassed all of our expectations as a teacher to our son. She is so kind, extremely knowledgeable of what she's teaching, holds a high standard (and helps him meet it), maintains clear order in the classroom, and really does a wonderful job of getting to know our child! We love Ms. Keesee!!!"

    Parent Survey - November 2016

    "Her desire to create a place where character and academics matter equally."

    "She sends pictures of my child's day and work periodically."

    "Her even temperament, her excitement for reading and her knowledge of books."

    "Her love and excitement for reading, the way that she shows interest in her students personally (love the "highs and lows" questions). The structure she provides in the classroom helps my child succeed."

    "She encourages kids to think creatively, do their best and read well. Love the book selections she has for her class."

    "Lexi has really instilled a love for reading in my child, which I thought could never be done. She has high expectations for the students and doesn't budge and I appreciate that. Lexi truly wants the children to give their best work and she keeps encouraging them to do so."

    "She is teaching my daughter to love learning. She's encouraging and entergetic."

    "I really appreciate how Ms. Keesee is very patient with my daughter. She is so excited about school and what she is learning from Ms. Keesee. I really do appreciate how she makes my daughter feel like she's part of a team."

    Parent Survey - November 2015

    "Her sense of adventure and fun, her passion for great literature, her patience, and her maturity and wisdom handling conflict."

    "Her love for learnng, her encouraging spirit and her organization and communication with parents and students."

    "Her instilling the love of reading in my child."

    "Communication and organization!"

  • Mr. Scheidt

    Wesley Scheidt
    5th Grade

    Wesley graduated from Berry College in Rome, GA receiving a Bachelor of Music in Music Education with an focus in Classical Voice and Choral Music. He and his wife Hannah have a son named Henry. He enjoys reading and singing with his family, studying theology, and listening to/arguing for the supremacy of J.S. Bach. Wesley hopes one day to become G.K. Chesterton.
  • Parent Survey - December, 2017

    "My child loves Mr. Scheidt and that means the most to them. He is an engaging teacher and makes learning fun."

    "I appreciate his honesty and the way he speaks about my daughter's potential and not her weaknesses. My daughter has become excited about tea time because of Mr. Scheidt."

    "He makes learning fun for the kids. My daughter is thriving this year. Mr. Scheidt is passionate about God, academics and is a great role model."

    "His work with them on reciting poems and getting comfortable speaking in front of the class."

    Parent Survey - November 2016

    "I appreciate Wesley's deep love for and reverence for the Lord and how that love and reverence is his lead foot in everything he does with our children. He is passionate and enthusiastic about his job and the content he is teaching, and that really makes the subjects "pop" and appeal to our students as well. He has very clear expectations and grading criteria. The homework load has been very reasonable. He offers great encouragement and also constructive comments to help students improve and grow. He is humble and is very teachable--I see him often reaching out to fellow teachers and leadership to help him handle delicate situations that don't fall into his areas of expertise. He deeply loves our children and clearly desires to shepherd, not just their minds, but their hearts as well."

    "He is encouraging and seems to make learning lots of fun!"

    "We appreciate his sincere desire to challenge and inspire our son. Through recent conversations we know he is open to feedback and seems willing to grow in his new role as a teacher. We appreciate that he has high expectations and that the academic rigor is evident throughout the class. However, this has also caused some concerns. We truly recognize we have the same goals but we are concerned with the methods used to achieve them and their effectiveness."

    "He pushes her to excellence. He's quick to call out the gold in students."

    "We appreciate Scheidt's creativity and his ability to weave music into the class's daily routine."

    Parent Survey - November 2015

    "I can really feel the desire in Wesley to support my child's relationship to Christ. I sense that he is prayerful and intensely interested in my child understanding our faith."

    "His high standards."

  • Mrs. Hobson

    Melissa Hobson
    Middle School

    Melissa Hobson earned her BA in Communication Studies from Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS and her MA in Communication and Culture from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Though employed as a teacher by the school for over 6 years, she would rather imagine herself an ethnographer of the middle school culture as she daily studies and creatively describes their peculiar diets and humor. They are truly strange but beautiful creations. Melissa and husband David have been married for 19 years and have lived in Atlanta for 16. Daughter Avery (11) and son Liam (9) love fifth grade and fourth grade at Stonehaven respectively. David and Melissa worship at Trinity Anglican Mission near their home on the Westside. When she isn't teaching logic, biblical worldview, or sixth grade humanities, you can find her producing Stonehaven's podcast "R2G2" or donning a bee costume. Melissa proudly serves as Head of Cambridge House (#gocambridge) and "bleeds maroon and white" for her Mississippi State Bulldogs.
  • Mr. Proffitt

    Tyler Proffitt
    Middle School

    Tyler Proffitt graduated with his BA in History from the University of Georgia and went to the University of Mississippi for graduate school where he studied politics in the American South and the role of religion in the civil rights movement. He is in his fourth year at Stonehaven and teaches history and literature. Outside of the classroom, Tyler enjoys reading, running alongside the Chattahoochee River and enjoying all that Atlanta has to offer with his friends. During the summer, you can usually find Tyler exploring the American West or working at a summer camp in Northeast Alabama.
  • Mr. Rickman

    Chuck Rickman
    Middle School

    Chuck Rickman graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Bachelor of English Literature from Georgia State. He and Susan have been married for 20 years, currently live in Smyrna and have two children, Alex who is a 7th grader at Stonehaven and Katie who after finishing 8th grade at Stonehaven is now attending Pebblebrook High School in the Performing Arts program. The family attends Buckhead Church where Susan and Chuck lead a small group for newly married couples. Chuck enjoys reading, from classical to postmodern fiction, running, and "Do it yourself" projects. He is also a part time handyman and helps with the facilities management at Stonehaven.
  • Parent Survey - December, 2017

    "I appreciate that the teachers work hard to ensure that my daughter has a good understanding of the concepts being taught. They give her individual attention if needed and opportunities to show mastery of the content."

    "They genuinely care about my child - their love, concern and desire for his well-being are obvious."

    "I love how both individually and collectively, the teaching staff has come alongside my son to assist him in the learning process. They are guiding him as he uniquely develops cognitively at his pace which helps him to stay focused and not give up."

    "They challenge, inspire and motivate my child."

    "They are willing to go beyond the initial point of teaching to make sure that each child is getting what they need and maximizing their full potential."

    "I love how they truly seem to enjoy the middle school age and stage and work with the students to make middle school an amazingly engaging and fun experience. I appreciate how they are not only concerned with academic growth, but also spiritual and emotional growth coupled with necessary life skills (ahem, organization). I feel like they really know my child and want to challenge him to use his gifts to glorify God."

    "Their warmth and kindness, their care for the person as well as the student, their encouraging way, their high standard of excellence in the kids. They are very helpful and communicative with the parents."

    "They love what they do. The class size fosters greater connection and teachers are able to see and address problems earlier. Mr. Rickman has been teaching math in a way that my child "gets it"."

    "Their personal approach and intelligence. They truly care about our child."

    "I love their love and care for the students. My children adore them! This is such a breath of fresh air, coming from the public schools where my kids would say their teachers were very impatient and downright mean. The children all seem to respect them very much. They are very very encouraging to myself and to my kids. I appreciate the way they hold my children to a high standard of behavior. The lines of communication between us is wide open, and I love that."

    Parent Survey - November 2016

    "Quick responses to parent concerns and questions and fostering a close-knit environment."

    "Sense of humor, how they embody tough love."

    "Their passion in helping the children."

    "I really appreciate how they partner with us to work on our child's particular strengths and weaknesses, and how they are just as concerned with character and organizational issues as they are with academic ones. I like receiving regular feedback through "The Take" so we know how our child is progressing or struggling and in which areas so we can discuss and reinforce those things at home. I also appreciate how they shepherd the students to be the ones responsible for their things (assignments, belongings, etc.), and that there is an appeal process to leave room for grace and exceptions."

    "They are flexible, kind, funny, intelligent, and encouraging."

    "I appreciate the amount of energy and effort they pour into my student. I also appreciate the weekly "take" that keeps a pulse on the student from each teachers' perspective."

    "The teachers are encouraging and loving."

    "The constant feedback."

    "High level of intelligence of the teachers and pushes our students to a higher level of understanding. Repetitive work is kept to a minimum. The teachers work to challenge the students according to their ability."

    "Their love and concern for their students and their many modes of communication with parents!"

    "I appreciate all the hard work, love and care each teacher pours into the students. The weekly communication is such a gift for parents who are trying hard to keep their students on par."

    "Demonstrate genuine love and care for the kids and their learning; good communication with parents, demonstrate extreme dedication to their jobs as teachers; extremely knowledgeable about subjects they teach and use a variety of methods to make learning fun for the kids."

    Parent Survey - November 2015

    "Creative. Passionate. Sharp. Quick-witted. Wise. Patient. Godly."

    "Their love for learning and their support and encouragement of our child in her learning."

    "I LOVE Mrs. Hobson's sense of humor. I adore that all three teachers believe, and practice, natural consequences. All these teachers are committed to their students and I am so appreciative of their hard work!"

  • Mrs. Johnson

    Megan Johnson

    Megan Johnson graduated from Covenant College with a BA in music, minoring in education. For seven years after graduation she taught private piano lessons on Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Four years ago she and her family moved to Marietta. She is a nationally certified teacher of music through the Music Teachers National Association. Megan and her husband, Aaron, have four children. Austin is in 2nd grade and Charlie is in Kindergarten at Stonehaven. Little brothers Silas and Willard are future Stonehaven Knights. Megan is very involved in her church, Geneva OPC as a member, piano accompanist, and Sunday school teacher. Megan is excited to be a part of the Stonehaven family. "I want my students to see God's hand in the order and beauty of the voice He has given each one of His children." In her spare time Megan enjoys being outside and playing games with her family.
  • Mrs. Rodriguez

    Nancy Rodriguez

    Nancy Rodriguez began to study art seriously while attending The High School of Fashion Industries in New York City. It was here that she learned to push herself beyond her limits as an artist and also the love of teaching, by watching her art instructor who was nicknamed "Uncle H." She won many awards and scholarships while attending his rigorous classes. Nancy went on to earn her AA in animation and her BA in graphic design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she won the Best Portfolio Award (1999) and Best Portfolio Nominee (2000). She has worked as a graphic designer and also taught Spanish, Animation, and Art for the past 10 years. Nancy and husband, Freedom have been married for 15 years and have three children, Joshua, Jonathan, and Kayla. She enjoys reading, dancing, mural painting, and laughing. Freedom and Nancy also participate in short-term missions and local outreach through their ministry ArtServe International. Nancy and her family are grateful to be a part of the Stonehaven family and she enjoys sharing God's goodness, truth, and beauty with the children in her art classes.
  • Mrs. Craig

    Elizabeth Craig
    Physical Education

    Elizabeth Craig earned her BS in Psychology from Kennesaw State University. After spending two years in state side para-church ministry and as a missionary over seas, she went back to school to get her teaching degree in Richardson, TX. She has been teaching for a total of 14 years now! She's taught elementary students, middle school students, and high school students. She is passionate about pouring into young lives! She and Justin have been married for 17 years and have three children: Landon (3rd grade), Lincoln (1st grade), and Noelle (Pre-K). Elizabeth enjoys serving and caring for families at Vinings Church, where her husband Justin is the lead pastor. Elizabeth is very active and enjoys spending time with her family, friends and getting a great work out.
  • Mrs. Jackson

    Kathryn Jackson

    Kathryn Jackson earned her BS in Biochemistry and also a BEd in Secondary Science Education from the University of Georgia. She spent several years teaching at the Secondary level and has also worked in the corporate world as a software user interface designer. She and Eric have been married for 20 years and have three children: Canon (15), Anne (13), and Kate (11). Kathryn serves her church, Cumberland Community Church, by shepherding 5th grade leaders. Kathryn loves teaching Latin because it combines her two loves: language and logic. When she is not pouring over Latin verb conjugations, you can find her curled up with a good book.
  • Support Staff

  • Mrs. Harper

    Cara Harper
    Teacher Aide

    Cara Harper earned her BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and a Master's of Education in School and Professional Counseling from the University of West Georgia. Cara has over 15 years of experience working as a counselor and educator. Cara is a native New Yorker, but has called Georgia home for the last 20 years. Cara and her husband Phillip married in 2002 and are the very proud parents to Noah (2006) and Hill (2009). Cara is grateful to be part of the Stonehaven family both as a parent and faculty member. Cara attends Cumberland Community Church in Smyrna, where she has worshiped for over 16 years. In her free time, she loves spending time with her toes in the sand and riding the most thrilling water slides and roasters with her boys.
  • Mrs. Hwang

    Christy Hwang
    Teacher Aide

    Christy Hwang earned a BA in Psychology from Emory University. Christy joined the Stonehaven community as a parent 4 years ago and is thrilled to have the opportunity to support the school, teachers, and students as a part-time aide this year. Christy has taught preschool and Kindergarten age children for three years at Christ Church Presbyterian, their church home. She and her husband, Gordon, have been married 10 years and have 2 children - Joshua and Abigail. When not at Stonehaven, you'll find Christy, a New Mexico native, outdoors (hiking, biking, or running), traveling with her family, or enjoying coffee with friends.
  • Mrs. Wilkinson

    Heather Wilkinson
    Front Office

    Heather Wilkinson earned her BBA in Finance at the University of Mississippi. After graduation, she worked in many facets of the banking industry while also supporting her husband's career as an Air Force officer. She later worked in the admissions office at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. She has moved over 20 times in her life and has been happy to call Marietta home for the past 12 years. She and Andy have been married for 19 years, and they have two children enrolled at Stonehaven, Nate and Yabsera (both 11 years old). The Wilkinsons worship at Mt Bethel United Methodist Church where they teach their Adult Sunday School class while also mentoring students through life groups. Heather is also active in Bible Study Fellowship. She has a big heart for adoption, so feel free to start a conversation with her. Her family loves to go camping and cheer on the Rebels and Blue Devils. Heather is excited to support and love on the children, faculty and staff of Stonehaven.
  • Mrs. Thomas

    Akia Thomas
    After School Program

    Akia is currently studying Elementary Childhood Education at Georgia State and has worked with children since pre-teen age. After high school, Akia traveled throughout many European countries and visited countless cathedrals and clergy broadening her perspective of the church. Marrying right after her return from Europe, she traveled and lived throughout the US with her husband in the USAF. While living in Virginia, Akia was Assistant Director of the Care program of Orcutt Baptist School and found that her calling may be with God's children. After giving birth to her first child and enjoying being a stay-at-home mother in California, Akia's family moved back to their home of Atlanta, Ga. earlier this year where she began her journey as a Sunday School teacher at her home church. Akia feels blessed by God to be a part of the Stonehaven family! In her spare time, Akia enjoys traveling with her family, reading, crafts, sports and volunteering at her vet's office rehabilitating animals.
  • Leadership

  • Mr. Edwards

    Brett Edwards
    Head of School

    Brett will be enjoying his ninth year at Stonehaven and serves as the Head of School. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Mr. Edwards teaches the 8th grade Algebra I class. He received a B.S. in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been a teacher and administrator in Christian education for sixteen years. He is passionate about the vision for Christ-centered classical education and its goal to train students to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. He lives in Marietta with his wife Katie and their three children; Lydia, Calvin and Ruby. He attends Midway Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs where he serves as an usher and greeter. Brett finds great joy taking seven-year-old Lydia to the park, boxing with five-year-old Calvin, tossing two-year-old Ruby into a heap of pillows and going out on the town with his beautiful wife. In search of rest and reflection, he will look for a great book or step outside to tend his fledgling garden.
  • Mrs. Miley

    Hannah Miley
    Office Manager
    Admissions Director

    Hannah Miley earned her BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia. She discovered her interest in computers and in her future husband during a summer job at Chick-fil-A, Inc. After graduation, she worked for Hewitt Associates (now Aon Hewitt) in Atlanta doing computer programming and project management. Hannah and her husband Tony have been married for 15 years and have recently moved from Mableton to Marietta. Hannah joined the staff at Stonehaven when her youngest, Hudson, started Pre-Kindergarten and Raegan started 1st grade. Now in 3rd and 5th grades, the Mileys are grateful to be a part of the Stonehaven family and Oxford House! Hannah loves welcoming every person who walks through the doors of Stonehaven and truly enjoys interacting with parents, staff, and students. When not at school, Hannah enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, and serving her community through her church, Cumberland Community Church.
  • Laura DeLine

    Laura DeLine
    Financial Manager

    Laura was born and raised in Opelika, Alabama. She lives in Marietta with her husband of 15 years, Kevin, and two boys, Hudson (11) and Grant (8). After graduating from Auburn University with a BA in Finance, she worked as a treasury analyst at SunTrust Bank then enjoyed time as a stay at home mommy. Laura has been blessed to be with Stonehaven since 2013. In her spare time, she bleeds Orange and Blue for the Auburn Tigers, enjoys watching her boys play sports, volunteers at the boys' school, and lives for a good workout.