R2G2 Podcast

girl on micStonehaven produces a monthly podcast called R2G2 (Rigor, Recess, Grit and Grace) to keep parents informed of upcoming events and also to continually illustrate the wonderful education happening at our school. The goal is to present the material in an engaging and enjoyable format where parents and children look forward to listening to the podcast every month.

Monthly R2G2 Podcasts (2017-2018)

Monthly R2G2 Podcasts (2016-2017)

Monthly R2G2 Podcasts (2015-2016)

Monthly R2G2 Podcasts (2014-2015)

Parents Say...

The classes are small, creating a family environment that cultivates an environment where the students truly learn to love one another. There is almost zero bullying and when there is conflict, the faculty is almost always involved in bringing reconciliation and resolution. The issues that are seen in the public school environment: disrespect, lack of participation, children who are not learning well, cliques, bullying, and cutting are not an issue in our school because an adult is always nearby."