What do you appreciate most about Stonehaven?

One of the questions on our Spring 2016 Parent Survey asked parents to describe with 10-40 words what they appreciate most about our school. Below are the responses from our parents.

Stonehaven has not only changed our children's lives for the better but ours too. So proud to call Stonehaven our family! We are blessed!!"

Stonehaven is a family and my daughter thrives in the environment. She feels loved by her teachers and the culture of the school is exactly what she needed."

How the students are cherished but held accountable for their actions. They are held to high scholastic standards while being taught to love, forgive, and be respectful."

Stonehaven is far more than an awesome, Christ-centered, rigorous school (though it's those things too). It is a loving community committed to walking with other parents and students to raise up men and women after God's own heart."

Stonehaven is exactly what I have always wanted for my children: a place that teaches them social skill, appreciation for tradition and formality, graciousness, rigorous academics - all enveloped in a Christian worldview. Stonehaven avoids getting sidetracked by "bells and whistles" and stands firmly beside the classic, time-tested methods which helped make Western Civilization so great."

I appreciate and love the staff at Stonehaven! Everyone is always so nice and eager to help with peoples indivdual needs."

Family-centered and warm feeling you get when you walk into the building."

Making the decision to attend Stonehaven has benefited my child emensely with his high school enrollment. He has been prepared academically and his preparation is evidenced in his standardized testing scores."

Stonehavens dedication and love towards the students is not only reflected in the education offered but also in how they mold the students characters by honoring and loving God."

Every teacher and staff members open heart to consider each childs unique giftings and needs. Helping tailor an education that suits the child without compromising excellence."

The school in general is concerned with the godly development of my sons."

The teachers are fantastic; they truly care about these kids."

The teachers care so deeply about my children's success and well being in all areas of their life. It is not just about a grade or a test."

I most appreciate the emphasis on Christ and the Scriptures. I feel so supported in teaching my girls about the Lord and training them up in the way they should go."

Stonehaven is more than a school. Stonehaven is a family of believers who share the goal that each child would be infused with Christ's love and see the world through the lens that Christ intends. While Stonehaven is highly academic, it also caters to the whole child with a wonderful mix of the arts and many fun activities!"

The classical and Christ-focused character of the school comes through clearly, e.g., in the poetry contest, the emphasis on Latin, the emphasis on grammatical fundamentals; and on catechism and Bible verse memory."

My child has learned about God in a loving, spiritual and educational way. My child's ability to integrate this Bible knowledge to life is amazing and has provided him with an amazing perspective on life and God. Truly amazing!"

I appreciate the Christ-centeredness in all aspects of the school day, including in addressing misbehavior or lack of effort. The teachers are amazing."

I love Stonehaven for the close knit community atmosphere and the special teachers it has."

I appreciate the staff's dedication and care for our children's well being."

Our student has risen to the challenge: he has taken personal responsibility for his assignments and cheerfully puts forth his best effort without complaint. Best of all, without cattle prodding! Small class size has given him the opportunity to be appreciated for his unique God given "awesomeness"."

Everything I've already said! :) Lol. The style of learning. The vision and values, and how they actually drive everything we do. The LOVE and friendships. How my kids are growing in love and depth of insight--daily."

Dedication of staff."

I wish i can find the words to describe how much we appreciate Mrs.Pam Grote. Our daughter is a better student because of her. I appreciate how much she cares for Elisabeth as a student and as a person. Every time that we meet her the love of Christ comes out of her mouth and heart. Thank you so much for hiring such a loving, caring, hard but fair teacher that is also a wonderful human being. She is also honest and just a super nice person."

I wish I could have gone to a school like Stonehaven when I was growing up! Never have I seen or experienced an academic institution so full of both excellence and joy in its pursuit of developing students who love Jesus, love learning, and pursue truth, goodness, and beauty in every aspect of their lives."

When I look at the culture and outcomes of the middle schools in our area, I see such a difference in our students. They are free to focus on learning because they have proper boundaries. There is a family atmosphere."

Our family has an incredible trust in Stonehaven and the faculty, staff, and community to help us as parents train and develop Christ-like character in our children and to educate them with a Christian worldview."

Every day I am confident my children are loved, safe and receiving the best christ-centered education available to us in our area."

Love, discipline, and education is taught through the principles of Christianity. When my daughter goes to school I am confident she is in a safe and loving school. The kids are great!"

I truly appreciate the close and loving community exhibited amongst the families."

We don't believe a better education exists for the money."

The atmosphere of community at Stonehaven is unlike any school I have ever seen. Stonehaven is a secret gem within the community."

We love how well our kids are being educated not just academically but also with spiritual awareness. All while instilling well rounded characteristics in them that will allow them to be well functioning adults. If we had more schools like this or even if public schools could adopt such methods, the world and local communities would be a better place to live in."

Stonehaven's families are closely knit and supportive of each other. I have such peace knowing my children are surrounded by Godly adults, whether it is a teacher or fellow parent."

Stonehaven is like family to us. We woudn't want our children at any other school. Our children love to learn, love school and love the Lord! Stonehaven is huge reason for these things in our chidren's lives."

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