What do you appreciate most about Stonehaven?

One of the questions on our Spring 2015 Parent Survey asked parents to describe with 10-40 words what they appreciate most about our school. Below are the responses from thirty different Stonehaven parents.

Our teachers are just wonderful. The love and care they have for the children is unquestioned."

I have noticed a difference in my child's desire to learn, the love for school has returned."

Stonehaven is more than a school. It's a body of Christian families that support one another beyond the structure of school."

I greatly appreciate the staff and their eagerness to address my concerns. They make the school feel like a family."

Stonehaven has not only changed our children's lives for the better but ours too. So proud to call Stonehaven our family! We are blessed!!"

Stonehaven is truly an awesome, loving, Christlike family. Yes, the academics are rigorous, challenging our children in healthy ways. But I love most the commitment of the whole community to helping raise them up to be men and women after God's own heart."

Upon experiencing Stonehaven, I can't imagine any better partnership in developing my children."

We have been very blessed by Stonehaven. We, as parents, could not have even imagined a better school environment for our children to grow, thrive and learn."

Because everything is taught from a God-centered perspective, my children are not only increasing their knowledge, but they're also increasing their love for God and his character as well as increasing in wisdom. The teachers love deeply and nurture beautifully. They speak with wisdom, grace, and faithful instruction. Everyone is all in and wholehearted when it comes to developing your child and partnering with you in raising them for God's glory."

Stonehaven is busting at the seams with talented teachers and praying parents while the class sizes remain relatively small. What a neat educational experience our kids are getting!"

I am very grateful to have my daughter at the school. I have seen great change in her overall approach to education and I owe this to Stonehaven... thank you again for allowing her to be part."

I love that my children are receiving a Christ-centered classical education in an environment of love and nurture."

I love that my kids are taught to love and honor God, appreciate all aspects of His creation, respect others and work hard."

We appreciate the emotionally healthy and stable way that teachers address issues in the classroom."

Family environment that promotes family spiritual growth. Academic excellence. Love."

Stonehaven provides a sense of family. In this family we are expected to love, honor and respect God and one another. Stonehaven fosters a great sense of community."

I love the foundation Stonehaven is giving my children."

I love the teachers and staff! They are wonderful and care about each of their students."

It's difficult to attach words to what makes Stonehaven so special... but my best attempt is to say that in its dedication to the spiritual formation of our children's hearts and in its dedication to strong, time-tested academic pursuits, Stonehaven is the best of both worlds. And that's just on paper. Add to that a diverse student body, and families who are a joy to spend time in community with, and you've got a school that blesses both the child and his/her family."

My favorite aspect of Stonehaven is how masterfully the teachers assess and address a students spiritual and educational deficiencies."

I truly love everything about Stonehaven."

The classes are small, creating a family environment that cultivates an environment where the students truly learn to love one another. There is almost zero bullying and when there is conflict, the faculty is almost always involved in bringing reconciliation and resolution. The issues that are seen in the public school environment: disrespect, lack of participation, children who are not learning well, cliques, bullying, and cutting are not an issue in our school because an adult is always nearby."

Stonehaven encompasses a very family like and loving environment. You feel it, even before you enter its doors! I absolutely love that Mr.Edwards greets each student every morning and knows each student by name. Stonehaven is a great school for building charismatic Christ-centered and well educated children. In a world of technology overload, it brings promise to the next generation of leaders."

I am thankful for the quality education my children receive at Stonehaven. Not only are my children exposed to the Word of God in a wholistic and integrated manner, but they also receive a rigorous and challenging education in all subjects."

I have Stonehaven to thank for so many of the virtues I see in my children. I feel like Stonehaven is a place in which my students can take refuge from so many of the negative aspects to today's culture in order to learn excellence."

The teachers and administrators at Stonehaven truly care not only about the academic achievements of my children, but also their character development. My children are pointed to Christ in all areas at Stonehaven. The basketball program this past year was a wonderful experience for both students and parents!!!"

Stonehaven is an encouraging environment and safe haven for students and parents."

We appreciate the commitment to excellence in all things from the mundane to the critical. Truth, goodness, and beauty are clearly exemplified and amplified, bringing much-needed clarity to students in a world steeped in 'gray areas.'"

I trust that my child is learning a gospel-centered Christian worldview in his education that is consistent with what we are teaching and reinforcing in our home."

Many things, but one is Hannah Miley. I am continually amazed how she cares for the students, juggles the phone calls, and manages the office all with grace and kindness!"