Piano Lab Program

Piano Lab

In the fall of 2016, we launched Stonehaven's piano lab program to be incorporated into the school's academic program. Stonehaven believes music is central to worship and therefore central to the education of a child. This initiative is a key component to the Board of Trustees strategic goal to develop a "leading fine arts program" at Stonehaven. In the initial phase, all students in first and second grade will have piano class integrated into their academic program two days a week for 20-30 minutes each session. This will result in approximately 30 hours of instructional time during the year for each student. In addition, private lessons and group lessons are provided as after school enrichment programs.

Learning to play the piano provides fundamental skills helpful when learning other musical instruments, composing music, or learning music theory. Music is good for a child's soul and therefore learning to play the piano can be a joyful and beautiful experience. This program is vitally connected to the school's mission to cultivate truth, goodness and beauty in students. Playing the piano can be very easy for young children and best learned when a child (consistent with the grammar stage of classical education). A student that has learned to play the piano, even in a basic way, must learn the basics of reading music. This ability will benefit the child in every area of music.

The long-term goal is to see our students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for music through their experience learning the piano. As the music program continues to develop we will look to grow our music program even more with increased instructional time for both choral and instrumental music.