Video Library

The Hobbit Song - After reading The Hobbit, fifth grade wrote a song to help memorize the main plot points. Watch them sing this catchy tune...

Veggies Poem - Kindergarten shares with the school their veggies poem. More corn please.

Thanksgiving Outreach - Stonehaven students canvas the community sharing small gifts of thanks.

Water Balloon Fight - Watch an epic water balloon fight between Mr. Edwards and twelve Kindergarteners.

Field Trips - An important component of a Stonehaven education is the integration of field trips that enhance and enliven our classical curriculum.

Christian Education: The Classical Difference - If Jesus is both creator and redeemer, then shouldn't Christian education be more distinct? Stonehaven's classical Christian model offers an education that takes seriously the sweeping implications of Jesus' Lordship.

Pathfinders - Once a month, Stonehaven's middle school embarks on an outdoor adventure activity. Take a look...

Fine Arts Program - Learn more about the goals of Stonehaven's fine arts program.

Working With The Grain - So much of modern education treats students as a tool for the market. The classical Christian education at Stonehaven drills beneath this utilitarian view of education, treating students not as a mere means for the economy but as curious creatures capable of joyful discovery.

Why It's Important - Consider one of the most important questions parents face: how should we educate our children? See why classical Christian education provides the most satisfying answer to that crucial question.

Cross Country - Take a look at some highlights from the Stonehaven cross country meet.

House Sorting Ceremony - Watch Stonehaven sort their newest Knights into one of four houses; Cambridge, Oxford, Trinity or St. Andrews.

12 Days of Christmas - All Stonehaven students participated in this fun rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Cast Away at Stonehaven - It was a desperate summer for Mr. Edwards when he was "cast away" at Stonehaven.

Promotional Video - Learn more about the distinctive elements of Stonehaven's classical Christian education.

Spelling Bee - Don't be a N-A-Y-S-A-Y-E-R and check out this video M-O-N-T-A-G-E of Stonehaven's 6th annual Spelling Bee competition. Congratulations to our lower school winner, Azariah Quarterman (Trinity House), and our upper school winner, Claudia Barbulescu (Cambridge House). Well done to all participants!

Book Buddies - One of the distinctive features of a Stonehaven education is the many opportunities our older students have to mentor our younger children. Friday afternoon book buddies is just one example. Enjoy...

Headmistress of the Day - Stonehaven enjoyed a wonderful day of leadership from the Headmistress for the Day, Ruth Ellis. Check out this video to get an inside look at a day in the life of a Head of School.