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Education as Soulcraft

How the Christian Worldview changes our Educational Worldview

If our children truly have souls that will never die, how we educate our children must be informed by this eternal perspective. Embedding Christian rituals, habits, and liturgies into the fabric of every school day shapes the hearts and minds of our children.

About Our School

The Stonehaven School exists to glorify God by cultivating truth, goodness, and beauty in students through a distinctly Christ-centered classical education.

Established in 2004, The Stonehaven School is a vibrant community of like-minded Christian families and educators partnering together to train up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).

The Trivium

This Latin word technically means "where the three roads meet." Training a child in grammar, logic, and rhetoric...

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Why Latin?

Latin instruction is a core element in the classical school curriculum, and for good reason...

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Stonehaven's House program is a creative way in which the school can cultivate leadership, service, teamwork, joy...

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Nature Studies

We read in Genesis 1, "And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good." Let us behold his creation...

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News & Updates

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August 27, 2022 STUDENTS / ATHLETICS

Stonehaven Hosts XC Meet

August 24, 2022 STUDENTS / ACADEMICS

Second Grade Tea Time

August 24, 2022 PARENTS / EVENTS

Ladies Abide Bible Study

August 23, 2022 STUDENTS / EVENTS

House Sorting Ceremony

  • The staff truly tries to help each child discover their God-designed purpose through the cultivation of their mind, character, and relationship with God." Parent Survey
  • The students are cherished but held accountable for their actions. They are held to high scholastic standards while being taught to love, forgive, and be respectful." Parent Survey
  • Stonehaven is such a blessing to our family. They have come alongside us and have renewed my children's love of learning." Parent Survey
  • Every day I am confident my children are loved, safe and receiving the best christ-centered education available to us in our area." Parent Survey
  • My child has learned about God in a loving, spiritual and educational way. My child's ability to integrate this Bible knowledge to life is amazing." Parent Survey
  • Stonehaven is truly a haven for my children. I have complete confidence every morning when I drop them off that they will be loved, challenged and learn about the Lord." Parent Survey
  • Stonehavens dedication and love towards the students is not only reflected in the education offered but also in how they mold the students characters by loving God." Parent Survey
  • Stonehaven has not only changed our children's lives for the better but ours too. So proud to call Stonehaven our family! We are blessed!!" Parent Survey

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Our Community

The Stonehaven community brings together Christian families who
want to see their children formed and shaped into the likeness of Christ.
Classical Difference
The Trivium
Why It's Important

If Jesus is both creator and redeemer, then shouldn't Christian education be more distinct? Stonehaven's classical Christian model offers an education that takes seriously the sweeping implications of Jesus' Lordship.

So much of modern education treats students as a tool for the market. The classical Christian education at Stonehaven drills beneath this utilitarian view of education, treating students not as a mere means for the economy but as curious creatures capable of joyful discovery.

Christian parents have been entrusted by God to train up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. What does this look like when choosing a school for their children? Watch this video to learn more about Stonehaven's classical Christian education.

"I had two desires when searching out the best school for my son...
"The classical Christian education has been the foundation...
"We brought Yabsera home from Ethiopia in 2014...

The Time Is Now

The Lord opened another providential door giving our school an opportunity to fully secure a permanent school home for our Lower School. Learn more...

Upcoming Events

12 Sep

Parent-Teacher Conferences

12:00pm - 6:00pm
Lower & Upper School
6 Oct

Fall Soccer Classic

Tumlin Park
20 Oct


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