Stonehaven Abacus Program

abacusStonehaven's PreKindergarten through second grade classes integrate the consistent use of an abacus as a part of their math curriculum. Students in these grades will use the abacus as an aid in their mathematics education between 15 and 60 minutes a week. There are many benefits to the use of an abacus.

  1. Intuitive Understanding of Mathematics - We seek to develop an intuitive understanding mathematics in our children. This means we want them to know mathematical facts instinctively without even having to think about it. Similar to the way an adult can ride a bike even if they haven't done so in two years. One of the fundamental reasons children struggle in mathematics is a result of the abstract nature of the discipline. The abacus provides a concrete representation of numbers (touch, feel, move, etc.) and this makes it easier for children to understand and remember. Ultimately, the use of an abacus helps the student gain a greater sense of numbers.
  2. Concentration and Memorization - Related to point number one, consistent use of the abacus helps a child's concentration and memorization. These skills will prove valuable in every area of their education and future lives. When calculating with an abacus, children use the visual and motor parts of the brain which help with long term retention.
  3. Joy - Children enjoy the tactile nature of manipulating the abacus and this contributes to their appreciation of mathematics.

We are excited about the implementation of the abacus program at Stonehaven. However, please understand that the impact of this initiative will be realized over a long-term basis. The consistent and repeated application of the abacus over time will help our children understand and appreciate the mathematical nature of God's world.

Abacus Resources

Buy Your Own Abacus - If you are looking to purchase a Soroban abacus for your child, Stonehaven recommends the Yellow Mountain Imports Abacus.

Parents Say...

We feel that Stonehaven provides a safe, loving, and Christ-centered environment in which our child loves to learn. She is happy to go to school each day, which makes us very happy!"